Landscape and interior decorative and artificial grass is used for the arrangement of exhibition complexes, pavilions, podiums of car dealerships, summer terraces of cafes and restaurants. There is even artificial grass for therapeutic gardens and assisted living facilities. Landscape grass is perfect for creating a covering on a summer terrace, a recreation area, an exploited roof, a veranda and a terrace, as well as for arranging garden paths and alleys. In addition, there is artificial grass for outdoor restaurants and artificial grass for beer gardens.

Artificial turf care is economical and simple. There is no need to waste time planting fresh grass, cutting, watering and fertilizing. It is enough to periodically replace the worn-out areas of the coating. Artificial grass coverings are used indoors and outdoors, they are affordable and practical, so they are very popular for use in private households and urban landscaping.

green football field

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Features of artificial grass for sports grounds

Artificial grass for sports facilities has reached a very large distribution. Here are the options for using it:

  • artificial grass for soccer pitches and for football matches,
  • for volleyball fields,
  • artificial grass for agility training and artificial grass for athletic tracks,
  • for tennis courts,
  • artificial grass for hockey fields (field hockey),
  • artificial grass for mini-golf and standard golf,
  • artificial grass for equestrian arenas.
sport field with fake grass

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Artificial turf made especially for professional and amateur sports has a high pile from 10mm to 60 mm and is laid on a prepared drainage coating. Lawn covering is made using carpet technology: fibres that mimic grass stems, woven into the base. The development of artificial coating is not much different from natural and has many advantages. The height and density of the pile for different sports should be chosen in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.