Shutters on windows are considered by many to be a relic, a kind of archaic element that protected windows from the sun and wind in the old days. But even today, they have not lost their relevance, only now their role has expanded significantly – shutters not only protect against bad weather, but also prevent the penetration of robbers and vandals. Besides, shutters are a stylish element that emphasizes the architectural concept of the exterior and interior.

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comprehensive protection

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Features and purpose

Shutters play a very important role – this is a comprehensive protection of a country house. In previous years, shutters were only protected from excessive sunlight and prying eyes, today the functionality is much wider, and affordable window shutters cope with a variety of tasks:

  • protect from ultraviolet radiation;
  • keep warm air inside the living space;
  • prevent the penetration of excess noise from the street;
  • create an aesthetic and stylish exterior and interior;
  • resist the penetration of thieves and burglars.

In hot weather, shutters create an obstacle in the path of direct sunlight, thanks to which the room is always fresh and cool. In addition, shutters allow you to control the degree of illumination of the rooms, keep the shade in the upper floors and reliably protect from the wind.

illumination of the rooms

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And, of course, shutters perform a decorative function, they are very often used as interior facade decoration, decorated with carvings, forging and other elements.

Often, shutters are installed inside, in which case they are used as blinds, they look quite stylish in modern interiors, as well as in rooms decorated in country or Provence style.