Finding Landscapers is not a problem now. The problem is finding an experienced landscape designer. A specialist who not only designed, but also brought his projects to life. How can people who are faced with landscaping for the first time understand at the first meeting that the designer who arrived is the specialist you were looking for?

A trait of professionalism

landscape designer

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A professional landscape designer creates turnkey projects. He understands not only how to competently orient the layout of the future garden according to the cardinal directions and grow plants, but also knows such narrow specialized systems as drainage, automatic watering, lighting, how they work and function.

Practical knowledge of engineering systems allows us to select plants that will withstand nearby drainage and not die in the first year of planting. A professional knows how and with what to pave paths and platforms, understands what concreting and laying communications are, and understands the relationships between drainage systems and lighting systems. Only a person with comprehensive knowledge will create a landscape project and implement it in such a way that you would be proud of the site.

Special questions

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Don’t be alarmed if a landscape designer asks you about your personal life. This is why a specialist is valuable because the picture of everyday life will become the basis of a landscape design project that reflects the individuality of the family.

For example, how many people are in your family? What age? If they are kids, elderly or disabled? This will affect the size of paths and areas. And even the size of lawns. If you often have large and noisy companies as guests, then let’s decide whether we need a separate seating area, a barbecue, or will we build a gazebo? How many cars are there in the family? Will affect the size of parking on the site.