London is home to birds such as parakeets. Moreover, they live not only at home, but also live in the wild. You can meet them in parks or on streets where many trees are planted along the road.

It is worth considering that you can sit on a pallet couch and a parakeet will sit on your armrest. These green birds are not afraid to approach people. You can even take a picture with them in the park.

But you can also see a parakeet sitting on your pallet sofa in the garden. First of all, remove the outdoor cushions from there so that he does not stain them. If you don’t like such a guest in the garden, then there are some tips on how to get rid of parakeets in the garden.

  • Simulated attack
Simulated attack

Image by 9436196 from Pixabay

To protect the garden from bird attacks, you can regularly simulate an attack on feathered pests yourself. Every time a parakeet arrives, you need to make a loud noise.

  • Safety nets

To protect the crop from bird attacks, a simple mesh made of viscose or plastic fibers is often used. An alternative may be a fishing net.

  • Ultrasonic repeller
Ultrasonic repeller

Image by 9436196 from Pixabay

Ultrasonic repellents on a pallet bench are ideal for protecting small areas. These devices work completely noiselessly for humans, but due to air fluctuations in the ultrasonic range, birds have a strong sense of fear.

Now you can relax on the patio furniture from pallets.