All the UK gardeners want to have a well-groomed and tidy garden where they can spend time quietly with family and friends. But it seems to many that maintaining a decent garden is a huge amount of work. In fact, having a well-groomed garden is not so difficult if you follow these simple rules.

Careful removal of rhizomatous weeds when laying a flower garden

Landscape designers often bring in new, completely cleared land, but ordinary summer residents will have to work a lot in the garden. Weed control is the most important thing if you are planning a well-groomed, but low-maintenance garden.

Dense planting

Already in early June, the plants in most flower beds close up so that neither earth nor mulch is visible. Under a closed cover there is less light and, accordingly, weeds, and the earth dries less.

Soil mulching

Soil mulching

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If for some reason the plants do not close the foliage at the beginning of summer, you need to mulch the free space. Under the mulch, the soil overheats and dries out less, and there is always enough humus.

Thorough weeding in spring

In the spring, be sure to carefully weed the ground, removing even the smallest weeds. Then you will have to mulch the clean land, without shoots, and under the closed cover, the weeds will not so easily sprout.

What should be done regularly in the garden?

There are actions that need to be done almost every weekend, which do not take very much time, but this will immediately give the garden a neat and tidy look.

Cut the lawn

Cut the lawn

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Even if the lawns are bad (not any grass grows in the shade, it is full of moss, dandelions and speedwells) but trimmed, its quality is almost imperceptible. But if the lawn is not mowed, accuracy is immediately lost. Therefore, coming to the garden, mow the lawns first. Moreover, grass is always needed – as a mulch.

Sweep and weed paths

Alas, weeding the cracks between the plates is a thankless task, but when something grows there, and not weeds, it looks interesting. So selective weeding is needed. The second point that you always follow when you arrive at the dacha is to sweep the paths!

Putting things in place

Yes, it is very important! Scattered hoses, watering cans and gloves immediately spoil the impression of the garden. And if you remember why we grow a garden (for ourselves, of course!), It immediately becomes clear that beauty should always be there – in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening!

Remove faded plants promptly

Yes, a couple of times during the summer you have to pull yourself together, pick up scissors or a pruner and go cut off a faded plant. However, there are options, for example, not to plant weeds at all. Although in any case, you will have to cut off dried flowers from any plants.

By following these simple rules, your garden will be the most beautiful in the area!