If you observe in your UK garden that some of the buds of fruit trees are damaged, withered or even fallen, the leaves are in a “spiderweb”, twisted, dry up, start to fight pests.

Collecting and shaking

Collecting and shaking

Image by avocado876 from Pixabay

Start your fighting naturally. Spread a whitish plastic film or cloth under a tree. Shake the trunk and branches. Collect what has fallen. Tear off and cut off the damaged leaves, buds, ovaries that you can reach. Shoot down maggots with a water jet from the hose and collect everything that has been knocked down. Then burn it all. Thus, you partially get rid of the maggots of the fruit beetle and leaf beetle, adult insects of the weevil, sawfly.


Trap bands: tightly tie the trunk of a tree with strips of cloth, tape, cardboard or paper at a level of 50-60 cm from the ground and apply non-drying glue, resin, tar to this base. Traps will keep beetles, maggots, aphids and ants traveling along the trunk. As soon as the band is filled with insects, change it. Burn the removed trap band.

There are light traps. This is a good way to deal with butterflies. Ready-made traps are on sale.

Pheromone traps. The trap vaporizes certain odors disorienting males. They fall into a trap, and the females are left with unfertilized offspring, which soon dies.

Biological care

Every pest in nature has natural enemies that restrain their numbers. Attract them.

Insectivorous birds (tomtits, woodpeckers, red-tails, and nuthatches) save garden from beetles, maggots, bedbugs and moths. You can hang a couple of feeders in the garden and make sure that the feed is always there.

Ladybirds are indispensable assistants in the fight against aphids and maggots of garden pests. Plant cornflowers, sweet clover, tansy, dill.

Chemical inputs

Chemical inputs

Image by Ted Erski from Pixabay

If you still choose spraying with potent chemicals, wait for the end of flowering and choose the means recommended by reputable gardeners. Fortunately, it is possible to treat trees from maggots with ash, wormwood decoction, infusion of potato or tomato tops, and infusion of chamomile.

Whichever way you choose, go ahead!