Animals can be good company for people, but wild creatures are not pets and their presence near the house can cause serious problems and even risk to become deadly ill, for example, foxes can be carriers of dangerous diseases. Such creatures are not very brave and don’t contact people without necessity, however, their activity may turn a beautiful garden into a place with many burrows especially under constructions like sheds, and this will create a lot of various rubbish around. The only way to stop foxes digging is to get rid of them. There are a lot of these types of animals in the UK, but tolerance and careful methods that won’t harm foxes should be applied.

foxes digging

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Ideal solutions

If the garden owner found burrows and even noticed one or more foxes it is better to call special service, and then they will be captured and euthanised. This is painless, safe, quick and affordable. Such an approach allows avoiding direct contact with wild animals. In order to save the lives of creatures individuals will have to catch animals themselves. This is a little more difficult and requires certain expenses as well as personal time, because a method is based on the trap cage application. Actually, it is only necessary to install an item in the garden close to the potential place of appearance of the fox and use meat or other attractive food as bait. After the cage catches a visitor the garden owner will have to transport it to the nearest deep forest. But, all this process must be performed carefully because wild animals can attack people especially if they are stressed. Despite all risks, however an individual:

wild animals

Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

  • will save a life of the fox;
  • get rid of it forever;
  • will be with a clear conscience.

Anyway without active action the garden will be a location for continuous visits of uninvited guests.