The plots of modern country houses can hardly be called large. And if the owners are building a large house, then there is little space for a patio and a garden. Do not be upset if you have little free land left, but you want to equip a recreation area here and set up a small garden with trees. Everything is possible, the main thing is to do it competently and think through every detail. Let’s look at a few techniques that will help visually increase the space.

Choose the color of the fence

The first question faced by the owner of a country house: What colour fence paint makes garden look bigger?

There are many opinions, but in order for the fence to help visually increase the space, you need to follow these recommendations.

Light and bright colours are acceptable for low fences. Light edging on such fences looks very advantageous, visually increasing the space. For massive and large buildings, designers advise choosing calmer tones. If the fence is deaf and high – here the bright and acidic colour will only press. However, if your house has a dark roof, then it will be quite harmoniously combined with a dark fence. If the facade of the house is light, then the fence elements may also have light shades.

Soften the boundaries

High walls in a cramped space will look depressing. There is a way out of this situation: it is enough to decorate the walls with a creeping shrub with lush foliage of bright colour. The bushes merge with the flowerbed, which also hides the height, that is, softens the borders.


The simpler and less diverse the elements in your garden, the neater and more spacious it will look. The use of simple materials and shapes creates a minimalistic style in general, which will visually expand any cramped garden.

Consider the laws of linear perspective

So, it is more correct to plant large trees and shrubs at the boundaries of the plot, they are tall, and they will be visible in any case, and it is better to plant low-growing plants near the house. Firstly, they will not create a strong shadow and spoil the foundation of the house, and secondly, they will not block the view, revealing what is in the depths of the garden.

Distribute plants by colour

Not only the colour of the fence plays a role in expanding the space. Variegated forms and plants with white, blue, blue flowers are planted around the perimeter of the garden. So cold shades visually expand the boundaries of the plot, and bright flowerbeds built on contrast narrow.

Use vertical landscaping

Pergolas, trellises, arches, entwined with perennial or annual vines, high flowerpots, modular vertical wall designs – such elements allow you to increase the assortment of plants on your site, create the effect of a closed garden, dividing the space into peculiar rooms.

If you follow these simple techniques of landscape design, you can create projects that will completely transform even a small plot of land so that it is not only functional, but also beautifully decorated.