Rusty metal garden tools are good for old museum collections. It is inconvenient to work with such tools, they cannot cope with their task. Noticing the first reddish spots on the metal, immediately try to get rid of them. Use special chemicals to eliminate rust or refer to the UK folk experience.

Easy ways to clean the tools

Easy ways to clean the tools

Image by Irina from Pixabay

You can clean the rust in the aqueous solution of vinegar (1: 1) or citric acid (30 g per 1 liter of water), soaking the tools for one day. Gardeners also advise Coca-Cola because rust easily dissolves in this drink. After soaking in any improvised solution, remove the plaque with a metal grater or brush. The grinding circle will help the tools to shine.

Prevention of the appearance of rust on garden tools

Prevention of the appearance

Photo by David Rangel on Unsplash

Prevention is the best solution for protecting garden tools from rust. With increased prices all the laziest gardeners will have to learn to treat all property a little harder.

Do not be lazy to clean the tools well after each use with a rag or brush, water and dishwasher. Be sure to remove the juice or sticky residues. After cleaning the tools, dry them, and then spray on them a universal product that protects the metal surfaces from corrosion formation. Keep the tools on hooks in a dry and ventilated place. Some gardeners swear that they store the blades of their tools in a bucket of sand, and they have everything perfect.