Masking is one of the most urgent tasks in the backyard area. There are a lot of such objects that annoyingly spoil the impression – they do not correspond to the composition and style of the garden, give the impression of carelessness, neglect, unfinished. To harmoniously fit the household unit into the overall landscape design, you can use a variety of greenery, perfectly masking the structure from the ground to the roof. Rectangular outdoor flowerpots with decorative flowers, vines or a large number of planters attached to the wall will be especially good here.


Image by Pixabay from Pexels

Landscaping the roof of a garden shed is another way to make an unsightly object of a household plot a harmoniously fitting element of landscape design. On a flat roof, you can arrange a beautiful flower garden, and ennoble the slopes with lawn grass. Some UK designers are able to turn a household unit into an alpine slide, a grassy or rocky hill – and only the entrance to the building will show what it really is. It is possible to disguise a garden shed that is unsuccessful in terms of aesthetics with the help of a decorative lattice or pergola. They can be decorated with various climbing plants or flower pots.


Image by Alex Staudinger from Pexels

You can decorate the walls of the shed with false bright-colored windows made of picture frames, and attach a pot with a bright flower to each of these windows. Decorate the facade of the building with wicker elements, bright coasters, handmade panels made of improvised materials, decorative wooden grids, arrange hanging shelves directly on the wall and arrange beautiful objects. The wall can also become an exhibition: attach a lot of hooks to the wall, and then hang on it, for example, objects of ancient peasant life or old fishing accessories.


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Turn buildings into design objects if they cannot be hidden. You can beautifully paint, decorate with inserts of various materials, even make a painting. It is very convenient to use ready-made stencils for painting. Put a table with some composition next to it, large containers with plants and bouquets with dry plants, and even a mini-bench. You will not only be able to beat a boring building in an unusual way, but also at the same time create a nice recreation area.