As a happy owner of a garden or land plot, you know how to have fun spending your free time outdoors. Family lunch on the sunny terrace, romantic dinners with wine in the open air or solitude in silence in a rocking chair after a hard day create a mosaic of memories. Should weather vagaries affect what you like the most? Of course not! If you install elegant garden shades in your garden, you will never be closed in four walls by rain or great heat. Check out the wide collection from Shade ‘N Net and create a magical place right at the doorstep of your house.

Ideal protection from the sun and rain

Garden shades should not be a purely practical solution devoid of aesthetic value. Models available on are a compromise between functionality and beauty. Decorating the garden, it is wise to insert an interesting shade into the project, which will protect you from the rain, and on hot days will give the desired shade, while giving overall elegance. You can choose a variety of projects, ranging from small hanging shades, wide pavilions, up to whole, complex structures.

Ideal protection from the sun and rain

Photo by baikang yuan on Unsplash

Modern shade is a hit of fashionable gardens

Shades will satisfy even the highest expectations. The basis of the design of the terrace shades are metal profiles. A sturdy frame is the base for a shade made of durable, waterproof technical fabric. Each shade is equipped with an advanced invisible water drainage system. The whole structure withstands low and high temperatures, does not collapse under the influence of contact with moisture and effectively resists even strong winds.

fashionable gardens

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Shade for a high caliber terrace

Choosing a garden shade from Shade ‘N Net, you can be sure that you are selecting a high standard product. Durable materials, reliable construction, resistance to external factors and competitive price make shades unsurpassed in the outdoor equipment market.

1 July 2022