If it happened that together with a country house in UK you got a narrow long garden, do not rush to get upset. Yes, its non-standard shape will add some difficulties in the process of creating landscape design. Still, with the right approach and taking into account all the features of such a site, it is quite possible to get not only a functional, but also a very beautiful green space. Find below several ideas how to divide your long narrow plot and make a garden there.

The plot that is not just narrow, but also long and quite large in area needs zoning. Only then it is possible to achieve a harmonious view of the space on the territory. If you have a small garden of 10-15 square meters, you can do without zoning.


Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The main rule of zoning is to divide the garden across. The number of zones depends on the needs of the owners and the size of the territory. On average, we are usually talking about 2-4 relatively isolated spaces.

As for fences, high solid fences or walls cannot be used for zoning a narrow garden.

Undersized shrubs, hedges with climbing plants, flower beds, curbs or low fences made of brick, natural stone or their imitations can act as dividers. 

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Image by Marzenna Gaines from Pixabay

Instead of them or in addition to them, zoning with different coatings is applicable, for example, lawn and tiles or gravel backfill.

If the terrain of the site is uneven, it is worth using this feature and creating a multi-level space. Different heights will be the main divider into separate zones.

It is not necessary that the resulting zones are of the correct shape. The smooth curved borders of these zones will help to further visually expand the space.