People who love to take care of garden know how important it is to have all necessary equipment designed to perform related to these activities. However, despite the fact that any summerhouse is less or more prepared for such situations, all used tools are usually dirty, and their storage can be inconvenient because of their purpose. For such situations a storage shed should be constructed. These types of objects are especially useful for farmers and all other people in the UK who need a place where to place all seasonal accessories including bicycles, tents, balls and so on. The only thing that can be an obstacle is the energy efficiency of the shed. These constructions are typically cold and can’t save heat because of materials they are built from.

Methods of insulation

Methods of insulation

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Depending on the materials of the shed its owner can experience discomfort in two situations. If an object is made of metal then in winter it is very cold and in summer extremely hot. If the construction is made of wood then it is only cold in winter. In both cases insulation for the winter period will be rational as it will expand the range of things that can be stored inside. There are at least three ways to make the shed warmer. Here they are:

  • mineral wool;
  • spray foam;
  • rigid panels.

The difference between all above-mentioned options is not so big, but there are some points that can affect the decision, especially if it is about a limited budget.

Mineral wool is relatively affordable, reliable, and easy to install material. It is effective in issues related to insulation, and the only thing that can be an obstacle is a difficulty with application. An important moment is the installation experience. Only professionals can properly prepare a shed for exploitation by using mineral wool.

Spray foam requires professional equipment, but can easily be applied by anyone. The advantage of this method is that foam will penetrate holes and cracks, so no cold air will get inside. An obvious problem of solution is a big price.

Spray foam

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Rigid panel is cheap and easy to use synthetic material that can be adapted to any size by simple cutting. There is no need to ask for help from professional builders as any can create good insulation without additional support, however it is not as effective as both of the previously mentioned options.

Any variants will be good for the shed, but not for the house, and this should be taken into account.