Digging holes is quite normal for representatives of the canine family. But so that such a habit does not cause you problems, consider how to wean a dog from digging holes in the yard. Here are some useful tips and tricks that will wean your pet from spoiling beds, lawns, flowerbeds.

The surprise effect works great on a naughty pet

surprise effect

Photo by Ron Fung on Unsplash

In some cases, it is permissible to use an electric impulse (electric collars), but before using them, consult a UK dog handler. To attract a pet to the right place, dig a shallow hole and put a bone in it. This will attract the pet and add excitement to dig in this particular place. If the dog starts digging in the wrong place, scold the dog and take it to a place specially equipped for this purpose.

Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

Image by Stefan Glazer from Pixabay

 If you still can’t solve the problem, you can resort to a little trick by setting up traps for your pet. Take the dog indoors so it can’t watch you. Dig several holes of varying depths in the area and put in an inflated balloon and a treat, such as a bone, or use other repellers that you can buy at pet stores.

Release the dog and observe its reactions and actions. A bursting ball will obviously frighten the pet and help to wean it from addiction. Use this method several times until the dog has no desire to dig tunnels and dig holes in the area.