Over time, any garden furniture loses its attractiveness: the paint fades and peels off, and chips, scratches and dirt appear on the surface, which can no longer be washed. Still, this is not a reason to get upset: you can give second life to your garden furniture by repainting it.

Transformation of boring chairs

Many have cheap plastic chairs. Before you get rid of them, try to fix them! You need spray paint suitable for plastic. Consumption is approximately one jar per one chair.


Image by PixelAnarchy from Pixabay

  •  Clean the chairs, for example, by washing them with a hose.
  • Let them dry completely.
  • Apply a thin coat of paint to each chair. Keep the jar at a distance of about 25 centimetres from the surface of the chair. Move the jar constantly during spraying.
  • Let the first layer to dry for 30 minutes before applying the second layer.
  • Apply the second coat of paint.
  • Let chairs dry for the rest of the day and then wait a couple of days before letting someone sit on a chair.

How can you paint any knockdown garden furniture

First you need to choose a primer and paint depending on the material of your furniture, suitable for metal constructions, aluminium parts or wooden items. And then the algorithm is as follows.


Image by Tom from Pixabay

  •  Prepare the surface: disassemble the furniture into parts, remove the old coating with a construction hair dryer or flushing.
  • Sand the furniture with sandpaper to eliminate defects and dirt.
  • Apply a layer of primer. It improves adhesion with the material, so the paint will lie flat and last longer. Wait until it dries and apply another layer of primer.
  • When the surface is dry, sand it again with sandpaper.
  • Make sure that the surface is clean, smooth and dry. Stir the paint in the jar and apply a thin layer on the furniture using a roller or a soft brush. The paint is usually applied in several layers to get a dense uniform colour.
  • After the paint dries, assemble the furniture by replacing the rusty fasteners with new ones.

Do not apply new paint on top of the old one and do not skip important processing steps: sanding, priming, drying. Thus, the garden furniture will look like you just bought it for a long time.