Periods of prolonged rains, wet weather, a minimum number of sunny days, as well as temperature differences characteristic of the UK, create ideal conditions for the spread of fungal diseases of the soil. If you have mushrooms in lawn, then this speaks not only about the fertile soil, but also about changes in the soil that are not useful for your plants. These changes should not be ignored.

The problem of fungal diseases of the soil has an individual solution, which should be made based on the results of the analysis of the current state of the soil. But a one-time solution to the problem will be meaningless, because it will not lead to complete elimination of fungi in the soil. It is necessary to approach this problem comprehensively in order to eliminate it.

fungal diseases

Image by adege from Pixabay

To get rid of the appearance of fungal diseases, get rid of the mushrooms themselves and prevent their appearance in the future, it is necessary to perform the following measures:

  • trample the mushrooms in all possible ways;
  • stop or reduce watering to a minimum, dry the soil, cover them with sand;
  • pull out the mushrooms together with the root system;
  • remove the mycelium from the ground, approximately 15 cm, replacing it with a fertile substrate;
  • use biological preparations to improve and disinfect the soil.
pull out the mushrooms

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

To completely get rid of this problem and create ideal conditions for the growth of your plants in yard, it is necessary to choose comprehensive measures.