No one doubts that it is necessary to fight with flies. These annoying insects carry dangerous infections, stain food, spoil the rest by crawling on the legs or face.  What to do in case of large number of flies in garden? First, it is required to find out whether there are any accumulations of rubbish, garbage containers, compost heaps nearby, since they will be a spreading place for insects.

Here are a few recommendations, the use of which will reduce the number of insects:

Maintaining cleanliness in the garden

Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay

  • Maintaining cleanliness in the garden. If you have pets walking there, then you should take their droppings so that the smell does not attract insects. The garbage storages in the back yard should be tightly closed.
  • Regular mowing of the lawn and the absence of a pile of grass or foliage of plant.

There are several ways to influence these pests:


Image by Squirrel_photos from Pixabay

  • fighting method with the help of odors;

Flies do not tolerate pungent odors. Their nose is subtle and well-developed. You can pick up pleasant smells and at the same time scents that repel flies: mint, citrus, laurel, eucalyptus, clove, lavender and peppermint.

There are various types of this trap, but the principle is the same: an enticement is laid on the bottom of a jar or bottle, and the neck is reduced in diameter. Thus, when a fly reacts to the lure and flies into the container, it cannot fly out of there.

  • poisons;

If you think that natural methods in the fight against flies are not successful enough, or there are so many insects that you cannot do without professional intervention, use trusted UK chemicals: aerosol, granules and powder, adhesive tapes and fumigator.