Earwigs can bring a lot of problems, but it is realizable to get rid of pests. These insects are comparatively not dangerous, but they consume plant leaves and rotting wood, thereby initiating damage. Earwigs prefer to settle in a humid environment — in the back yard or in damp places of the house.

If an accumulation of insects is detected, measures should be taken immediately to destroy them.

To operate this, you can:

  • pour boiling water over the habitats of the tick;
  • spread out the traps around the field;
  • dig up the land and treat it with a vinegar solution.
fight with the earwigs

Image by Mariakray from Pixabay

Many UK gardeners fight with the earwigs by using domestic or chemical insect repellents and prevent their reappearance. One can use the way of sprinkling the pests with a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid if you do not want to use pesticides. Pour warm water into the spray bottle. Include a few drops of dishwashing liquid and shake lightly to make the mixture foam. Spray the leaves of vegetation, along with the damp places in the house or garden where insects have been spotted. Do this every time you notice earwigs.

Prepare a trap from butter and soy sauce to find out and kill insects. Make a mixture by using soy sauce in combination with olive oil in a flexible package. Draw attention of birds to back yard so that they naturally rid you of earwigs.

Implement the pesticide

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Implement the pesticide is about three meters from the house. A lot of granular defoliants are especially designed to destroy earwigs. Scatter one of these herbicides on the lawn or in the garden at a distance of two – three meters from the bottom line. Water the lawn instantly after spreading the pesticide so that it penetrates into the soil, where insects frequently lay eggs.