The famous Arab doctor Ibn Sina wrote that garlic “cures all diseases”. In 1548, garlic was brought to the UK from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and became part of the local cuisine.

If you want to save garlic after harvesting, you need to store it properly. To do this, optimal conditions should be created and maintained in winter.

If you grow garlic yourself, then after harvesting it should be dried. Leave the dug-out vegetables on the ground for a few hours so that they dry slightly. Then tie several heads together and hang vertically in the shade or in a dry ventilated room for 10-15 days. It may take longer, up to a month. Garlic needs to dry thoroughly: the stem should get rid of moisture, and the husk should easily move away.

How and where to store fresh garlic?

Choose a dry darkened place that is not too hot, but also not very cold. Garlic can be stored at home at a room temperature.

How to store garlic in a jar?

How to store garlic in a jar

Image by Dennis from Pixabay

Take dry sterilized three-liter cans. Do not place the garlic heads too tightly there. There is no need to close the containers with anything.

How to store garlic in a drawer?

Put the garlic in plastic boxes with mesh walls. They can be put, for example, under the table, under the bed, under the sink in the kitchen or in the pantry.

How to store garlic in a grid or bag?

How to store garlic in a grid or bag

Image by Holger Langmaier from Pixabay

If other ways do not suit you, use mesh or linen bags instead. The net needs to be hung for something, and the canvas bag can be placed on the floor or shelf.