The ants in the garden are a familiar phenomenon, but on a large scale it is extremely undesirable. They feed on plants and are 100% pests. Insects are actively engaged in breeding another dangerous pest – aphids, and also cause serious damage to the soil structure. The red ants pose a real threat to strawberry fruits, vegetables, root crops, buds and flowers.

Several ways to deal with ants

  1. Mechanical protection of plants

The peculiarity of the fight against ants is that it is not enough to destroy the insects. We need to get rid of the ants nest. One of the simplest methods consists of digging out the nest with a shovel. Another way is to sow repellent plants on the land area. They are mint, lemon balm, oregano, lavender, marigolds, parsley. Their smell is especially disliked by insects.


Photo by Kaur Kristjan on Unsplash

  1. Household and natural methods

Boric acid is diluted with water, a little sugar is added and containers are left at the anthills.

Ants do not like substances with a strong smell, for example, cinnamon or soapy water. Some gardeners use red-hot pepper.

The treatment of anthills with boiling water gives a good result. Deeply spill the place of the anthill 3-5 times every day.

  1. Garden chemicals and ant preparations
Garden chemicals

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The universal insecticides are able to remove insects that are on plants and on the ground surface.

  • traps – ants fall into them without being able to get out;
  • gels are a mixture of edible and poisonous components for ants;
  • aerosols – means of contact action;
  • granules and powders

Maintain order in the garden, remove piles of garbage, old boards, so that there are as few places for ant nests in the garden as possible.