Rabbits breed well and pose a considerable threat to your gardens. To protect the fruits of their labors from these voracious animals, the owners of the plots should know how to get rid of wild rabbits.

Harm caused to a person by a rabbit

Harm caused to a person by a rabbit

Image by Andy M. from Pixabay

The animal is able to deliver a lot of unpleasant moments to the owners of garden plots in the UK. Settling nearby, a colony of rabbits eats everything they can find.

The greatest damage from them is for young trees. Completely eaten bark on the trunk is the inevitable death of the tree.

If your neighbors breed purebred rabbits on the parquet, that is, in free maintenance, you may also face such problems. The animals easily escape, and will feed already on your site.

How to get rid of rabbits

Mechanical traps

Image by Šárka Jonášová from Pixabay

The easiest way is to install a fence. The most acceptable option is a strong metal grating around the perimeter of the site.

Do not forget to bury it in the ground, otherwise the animals will dig a hole under it and penetrate the site.

  • Chemical preparations

Repellents help very well, but only in the warm season.

The best option is a mixture of castor and linseed oil.

Rabbits do not like the smell of many plants: garlic, onions, marigolds.

  • Ultrasonic repellents

High-frequency sounds cause discomfort in animals and scare them away.

The invasion of rabbits can become a real natural disaster. In order not to spend money on traps and repellents, it is necessary to take preventive measures and reliably protect the site with a strong fence.