Many gardeners complain about foxes in their gardens. Foxes can really scare. Just listen to what noises do fixes make. They produce sounds similar to yapping or whining. Living next to wild animals is always fraught with a moment of danger and unpredictability. An animal with rabies is very dangerous, it can attack for no particular reason. Therefore, it is necessary to deter them.

To keep out wild foxes from your garden, the following measures must be taken.

  1. The territory of the garden must be kept clean. Do not leave leftovers so that their smell does not attract foxes. Remove empty boxes, barrels, boards, heaps of last year’s grass and foliage. Foxes can easily hide under them.

    Image by Evgenia Basyrova from Pexels

  2. Carefully cover up all the cracks in the barn and other outbuildings, cover the ventilation holes with a metal grille.
  3. Put flat stones or slabs outside, close to the grid to prevent foxes from digging under outbuildings.
  4. A high fence standing on a concrete foundation or covered with a metal mesh dug half a meter deep can become an effective deterrent.

    Image by Jan Mallander from Pixabay

  5. Use ultrasonic repellents, which can be purchased in online stores. Thus, with the help of ultrasound, you will cause animals a feeling of fear and a desire to leave the territory.
  6. Get a guard dog. Dogs of such breeds as fox terriers, Caucasian shepherds, greyhounds are best suited.
    guard dog

    Image by Karin Wördehoff from Pixabay

So, now, armed with the measures listed above, you are able to protect yourself and your garden from foxes.