Many UK summer residents have wheelie bins and compost pits on the garden plot. But in most cases, they are not completely covered and not disguised, and this can immediately spoil the impression of your garden.

Hide wheelie bins behind a live screen

Wheelie bins can be easily hidden behind a living fence. Let it, for example, be wild grapes, and then this will become an addition to your garden.

Hide the bin behind the battens

Hide the bin behind the battens

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

Wheelie bin can be fenced with small wooden battens. Then it will hide, and at the same time, you will save access to it. The fence can be made from shrubs. By rails, you can grow curly plants.

Building with a roof

If you have a large country house and there are a couple of large wheelie bins near the gate, then it is better to enclose them with a traditional option with a roof. Thanks to such a fence, snow and rain will not get there, and pets will not climb it.

Remove under the stairs

If your house has a staircase under which there is a lot of space for the container, then wheelie bins can be safely removed there. This option is suitable for you if you have a staircase on the street.

Camouflage with flowers

Camouflage with flowers

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

If you enclose wheelie bins with a fence, then you can install a pot with flowers or climbing plants on this fence. Thanks to this technique, you will turn your containers into part of the garden.

Green the lid

If there is a wide roof over wheelie bins or compost pit, then it can be planted so that it complements your garden. On the lid, you can have a flowerbed, pour mulch or plant a stunted lawn. The main thing is that it is convenient for you to care for all this.