In order to prevent freezing of any equipment and plants inside a garden shed it is better to install good insulation. On the UK market there are many available options. Most of them are very effective, and the main difference is hidden in price. Storage shed must be prepared for cold weather as such a solution will allow storing various things during the winter. Especially useful if there is a limited space at home and an individual needs to find ways to keep all important accessories in required conditions and in safety. Summerhouse doesn’t suit well to store many equipment and such realities motivate persons to build sheds, however even wooden variants are not as effective from the point of view of energy efficiency as it usually expected and this become the generator of problems. All items that are sensitive to the storage conditions can’t be preserved for the winter there, thus making the construction totally useless.

wooden variants

Image by Mark Martins from Pixabay

The best solution

Experienced builders will advise to use mineral wool and this is a fully justified method. After application an owner of a construction will notice obvious growth of average temperature inside even without heating equipment and expenses related to the heating will become significantly lower due to the characteristics of the applied material. It will eliminate losses of heat and additionally increase a level of sound insulation. It is worth to remember that a really effective approach must include all parts of the construction including floor, roof, walls, and doors. In the case of wood not all options are suitable because the wood itself is very good and only use of more effective material will be able to change the situation with heat losses. Spray foam is also perfect for such tasks, but there are some disadvantages:

    • it is a bit pricey;
    • special equipment should be used;
    • all elements of construction will be covered by it without an opportunity to remove it easily.
warming building

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The last and not so great for wood option is to use rigid panels. They are good for metal and bricks. Maybe panels are the cheapest from all above-mentioned variants, but in case of wood it is better to use something more advanced. Mineral wool is the best because of its affordable price, its characteristics, and fire resistance. Probably, there is no better offer for sheds on the market. Such material is also good for house insulation. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has a light weight.