Sometimes residents of the UK, like other gardeners worldwide, face problems on their site.  It often seems to cats that the garden is a huge tray in the open air. If your cat or neighbor’s cat is constantly pooping in your garden, you need to do something about it. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with such outrageous behavior.

Cover the soil with mulch

 Cats do not like to walk on pieces of mulch, so they will avoid places where the soil is covered with coarse mulch. In addition, there is a lot of dirt in the garden, which cats perceive as a tray. Try to cover the dirt with something.


Image by Wayne Jackson from Pixabay

Stretch a wire mesh with 2.5 cm holes in some areas

 Stretch this net on the paths that lead to the garden. Cats don’t like getting their paws stuck in holes, so they won’t walk on those paths.

You can stretch a rug or netting around the flower beds and cover it with mulch. Make holes for the plants with wire cutters and bend the ends of the wire so that they go into the ground.


Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

Use sticks or branches

Fold the sticks crosswise around the flower bed. Cats don’t like to walk on branches. In addition, it is easier for plants to break through the branches.

Instead of branches, you can put several lattices on the flower bed. Plants will be able to grow through the holes in the trellis, but it will be very uncomfortable for cats to walk on the trellis.


Image by skorchanov from Pixabay