Hedgehogs can be safely considered good friends of any gardener. They help to get rid of unwanted guests in your garden, such as snails and slugs. Therefore, you need to create all the conditions for these cute prickly creatures to settle on your site. These recommendations will answer the question of how to get hedgehogs in your garden.

Make a hedgehog house

Where do hedgehogs live in the garden? You define it yourself. This place should be as safe as possible. An ideal option for this could be a bunch of logs. You can build a house for them with your own hands. It is important that it is located in a quiet and peaceful corner of your garden.

Give them access to your garden

The question arises: how do hedgehogs get into a fenced garden? Give them access to your garden plot. To do this, cut holes in the bottom of the fence. Advise your neighbors to do the same. This will allow animals to move freely between several gardens.

You can never know how many hedgehogs are in your garden per night. And on one site alone it is impossible to provide conditions for the stay of several individuals at once. Therefore, it is important that they can move between different sites and choose the shelter they like for themselves.

Diversify the hedgehogs’ diet

What to feed hedgehogs in your garden after they have settled in it? After all, the food that animals extract themselves may not be enough for them. And in autumn, it is very important for hedgehogs to accumulate fat before they go into hibernation.

Put a bowl in the garden near their house, put high-quality dog and cat food in it. First you need to make sure that it does not contain fish, and the gravy is not too salty, as it is harmful for hedgehogs. You can also feed your prickly friends with special food for hedgehogs.

Next to the plate with food, be sure to put a container with ordinary clean fresh water. And be sure to clean up uneaten food every day and wash the dishes in which it was poured. Also change the water regularly.