These unpretentious birds are often called “flying rats”. They coexist with humans – they have mastered the urban environment, causing damage to farms and gardens. Knowing how to scare away wood pigeon will help you avoid many problems. Dealing with an invasion is not easy. To solve the problem, chemical repellent gels, spikes and other means are used.

A mesh

A mesh

Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay

If the garden is large, poultry is bred on the farm, then pigeons pose a serious danger. They eat food, spread infectious and parasitic diseases. The aviary can be protected by pulling a mesh over the top. It is unlikely that it will be possible to scare away the pigeons from the site forever, but the domestic livestock will be protected.


If we are talking about bird scarer for the entire area, then you will have to purchase a repeller.

Sound vibrations that is a good pigeon deterrent are emitted by a bioacoustic installation. It broadcasts sounds associated with predators or causing acoustic stress. Settings:

  • contain several dozen sounds;
  • capable of long battery life;
  • are programmed taking into account the tasks to be solved (the volume, the range of sounds, the interval between them are adjusted).

The housing is protected from UK precipitation, dust and temperature extremes.


way to fight is water

Image by Peggychoucair from Pixabay

Another way to fight is water. With a massive invasion of birds, gardeners water from a hose. For constant scaring, sprayers are used – special devices with a motion sensor are especially effective.