Plastic workshop is a useful and affordable thing that can be assembled and disassembled almost anywhere and anytime relatively quickly. A construction of such type is, usually, reliable, long lasting, solid, and ideal for different purposes including a way of using it as a garden shed for storage of various equipment and tools. Because of the characteristics of weather in the UK, anyone who has a kind of storage shed and exploits it regularly needs to think about insulation.

think about insulation

Image by Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay

Plastic option of the workshop is different from other available on the market options and can’t be upgraded easily due to the construction specifics, and because of this obstacle insulation can be installed only in accordance to the construction’s characteristics. In other words it will be hard to adapt any type of insulation in the form of solid materials such as mineral wool, and rigid panels. The main difficulty is to save the structure because fixing with the screws will cause damage to the walls and as they are made of synthetic materials it is a big problem.

Good option

It is very important and useful to have a shed near the summerhouse, and it is also a clever idea to make such an object more warm and efficient from the point of energy efficiency. The best way to protect walls from heat losses is to cover them with spray foam. This is an extremely effective method which guarantees perfect penetration in all holes. Foam can be used on any surface and substance will cover all details evenly, thus preventing any chances of cold zones appearing. Of course, this is not the most beautiful because foam is not as smooth as panels, but it will be much harder to close all cracks by using panels as they are not flexible. The problem with the look of the foam is possible to solve by hiding it behind a double wall, but it is worth to remember that the structure of a plastic shed is not so strong. As it becomes clear there are almost no ideal methods of insulation of a workshop made of polymer and only lightweight materials can be used. Foam is:

insulation boards

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

  • a good insulator;
  • has a low weight;
  • easy to use.

The only disadvantage is the price and an individual will need to decide whether it will be worth it to ask specialists to prepare the property for the winter.