Bees are perhaps the most useful kind of insects. They give people honey and pollinate plants. When bees visit your plants, they are basically searching for two things: nectar, which is rich in sugar and is the main energy source of bees. Another thing is flower pollen. It provides a balanced diet, consisting of proteins and fats.

There are quite a few simple and inexpensive ways to attract honey bees to your garden.

Avoid using pesticides

Pesticides are harmful not only to plants, but also to your health. In addition to pests, they also kill beneficial insects, including pollinating insects such as bees, bumble bees and butterflies.

yellow flower with bee on top photo

Photo by Gaurav Kumar on Unsplash

Install a construction to provide them with bees nest

Wild bees can easily be not only attracted, but also kept on it. Install a house for them in a shady place near the garden and wait until the bees find it.

Provide bees with access to water

If you have a bird drinker in your vegetable garden, put a stone in it of such size that the bees can descend on it and drink.

bird drinking bowl for bees

Image by Dick Scholten from Pexels

Honey bees collect pollen and nectar from a variety of plants. These include flowering trees, shrubs, lianas. It is important when there are plants, blooming not only in summer, but also in spring and autumn. Among popular plants to attract bees are hydrangea, rose, lilac, fruit trees, monarda, hyacinth, calendula, foxglove, clover, garlic, geranium, sage, lavender, thyme, echinacea, mint, chamomile, euphorbia, nigella, zinnia, aster, goldenrod, dandelion, hyssop and many others.

And what kind of honey plants grow in your garden? I’m sure the list can go on and on…