When you see a squirrel in UK parks, squares or in the woods, you always want to pet it, feed it, or at least watch it from the side. But in the garden, this furry animal can be one of the malicious pests.

How to understand that the squirrels were on the site

squirrels were on the site

Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay

What do squirrels like to eat in your garden? For squirrels, bulbs of tulips, crocuses, gladioli, corn grains growing in the garden are a treat. They rip off leaves, damage berries, buds and bark on berry bushes and fruit trees. Often owners complain that they are completely left without a harvest of walnuts, because they are eaten by voracious squirrels.

Squirrels like to sharpen their teeth and can chew through wires, ruining the power line. It happens that, having chosen a plot, red rodents do not settle in trees, but dig holes and arrange nests in basements, garages, sheds and attics.

Means of protection and prevention

protection and prevention

Image by Gorkhs from Pixabay

One of the most common ways to get rid of squirrels is to use a squirrel deterrent with sound or light.

To scare off squirrels, you can purchase an electronic device. These devices emit ultrasonic vibrations that are sensitive to animals. More effective are combined devices that, in addition to sound waves, affect animals with light flashes.

Non-toxic chemical repellents have a repellent effect. They include various components with a strong smell of mint, ammonia, extracts from animal secretions.

If it was not possible to scare away the animals by these methods, then traps are set for them. They are metal or durable plastic cages with a mechanically slamming door as soon as the squirrel is inside the trap.